The Ones would help me be creative in many ways. I’ll start off by telling you why and how.


Chapter 1 – The Hunt

I have been looking for a pair of monitors for the last 3-4 years now. I’ve been trying, buying (second hand, I’ll come back to that) and delivering back monitors because I have not been fully satisfied. For the last 2 years, I have borrowed a couple of monitors from work, just so I could get some work done and not ruin my hearing with headphones. Economics is also a factor when looking for new monitors.


Chapter 2 – Economics

I’m a father, husband and a composer/artist at the same time. We got twins, and we are awaiting a third child this October. That means that my writing room/studio is being transformed to a children’s room. Ergo, we need a bigger place, so we’re in the start of expanding the house a little bit. In that process, we have drawn a new studio/office where I could work from. The room is getting much smaller (8m2). Precise monitoring is a must.


Schematics house

Chapter 3 – Second Hand

Environment have always been important for me. I could say that everything in my studio, without my PC, is bought second hand. The reason is that the quality of the gear I strive to get is not getting any worse by a couple of years. For me to buy second hand is both doing the environment and my wallet a good deal. Genelec is making their line of monitors with recycling aluminium and that’s a great start for sustainability.


Chapter 4 – GLM Technology

With a smaller room, and with the GLM Technology in hand my way of working would be much easier and I could trust that what I’m composing would sound the same to any of my clients. I’ve been working as a composer’s assistant for the last couple of years. And I’ve been involved with some big movies from Norway, such as Burning 2, Marcus & Martinus. The same with some new TV-series. To trust that the stems I’m sending is sounding as good as it could be is very important to me. Unfortunately, I’ve been having trouble mixing because of the need to use headphones (kids sleep) and bad monitoring.

Chapter 5 – The needs of appreciate audio

After doing a lot of reading up, everything from reviews, youtube, your own marketing videos, etc. I’m sure that The Ones would satisfy my needs. And the possibility to expand the system with some of the other smaller models with GLM to make a surround setup is very intriguing. I feel that Genelec is making a product line of monitors that could, and would last for a decade. With the support and service you are still giving for the older models from the 80s – 90s I’m sure that this is a solid product.


Chapter 6 –Me?

Kai-Anders Ryan, 31 years, Norway. I’m 1/3 Finnish, but do not know who my grandfather is. My grandmother met my Finnish grandfather during WW2. Nobody knows where he is, or if he died during the war. I’ve been making music as long as I remember. My goal is to be a full-time composer. I work as a teacher at day, and as a composer/producer at the evenings.