Kai-Anders Ryan is a musician whose focus is on composing music for film, TV and games. He got a degree from the film music-composition studies at Høgskolen i Lillehammer.

Ryan composed the music for the well-received short film Helt Kongle. The movie was shown at the Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund. The festival reported that “with its mix of sharp satire and absurd humour, Helt Kongle is an entertaining, media critical drama comedy.” Ryan has also contributed a song to the Norwegian short film Nummer, and he has made trailer music for the Australian short Restare Uniti. Nummer was shown at the short-film festival in Grimstad, and won the audience award NRK P3 Filmpolitiets kortfilmpris in 2010.  Restare Uniti  has received 15 nominations and was hailed by the critics.

Lately Ryan have been composing music for commercials, documentaries and iOS games. One of the most well known firms to license his music is Samsung.

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