Kai-Anders Ryan is a Norwegian multi-artist who works as a teacher of modern and contemporary dance at both high school and college levels. He also teaches students how to use a laptop as their main instrument, producing and composing music live on stage. In addition to his teaching, he conducted scientific research at the University of Oslo, studying the connection between music/sound and the movement that professional dancers perceive by hearing different types of sound and music. For this research, Kai-Anders utilized motion capture suits/points on all of his subjects to examine all of the movements they made while perceiving the music and sound. He then analyzed the data on the computer side by side.

Kai-Anders received his education from the Oslo National Academy Of The Arts, where he holds a bachelor’s degree in contemporary and modern dance. He also earned a degree from the film music composition program at Høgskolen i Lillehammer. Kai-Anders worked professionally for many years with various Norwegian dance companies. In his spare time, he composed the music for the widely popular “Celestial Lights” northern light video in 2011, which garnered over a million views in the first few days. The video kickstarted his career and drew Samsung’s attention, leading them to purchase the score and license for their biggest TV announcement in 2015. The song “Celestial Light” was featured in Samsung’s UHD promotional video.

Kai-Anders has also contributed significantly as a ghostwriter, composer assistant, and music producer for numerous TV series, including NRK series “Monster” aired in 2017, the movie “Børning,” “Marcus & Martinus – Sammen om Drømmen,” “Heksejakt,” “Jul I blodfjell,” and the documentary on NRK about Halvdan Sivertsen.