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Vanaheimr. Vanaheimr consist of 3  different instruments and recordings that can be controlled from the user interface. The patches includes Acoustical recordings and analog synthesizers  that have been processed trough old vintage gear.

The start of a new series of instruments.

So basically you get 3 separate instruments in one package. But, it’s when you blend them together that the magic starts to happen.


Vintage Console pre-amps –> Microphones –> recorded to tape (Otari MTR 12) –> into Cubase.

Instruments that have been sampled are the following:

  1. Deep-sampled vibraphone
  2. 3 different layers of cello-stroking
  3. 3 layers of sampled Moog synthesizer (to create different tonal character)


Specially made IR-convolutions for the reverb was made just for this patch using outboard external gear.


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