Setting up a new Cubase template (part 3) (composing)

In this video I’m composing a track live to check out if there’s some errors that need to be taked care of. The most CPU hungry/demanding plugin is the B2 reverb. If I disable it everything goes down to 3% usage. Sample Modeling brass is also taxing the system a bit, but not that much. I have decided to keep it like this for the sake of the sound produced by the SM brass with B2 reverb. I feel it fits right into the Air hall from Spitfire Libraries. Also one thing to consider is the amazing way to layer the SM brass with SA brass. It really comes to live and sound very powerful and rich..

I have one computer running all the Zebra synths. the other slave is running most of my Orchestral samples. From now on I’ll be adding inn some extra epic percussion into my template to write more powerful/epic stuff.

Your all thinking: what will he achieve with all this?
Answer: My goal is to write for movie. I have all the necessarily tools and knowledge to do it. From now on it’s all about networking and getting in touch with the right people. That’s a whole different type of game, and it takes time to write to all the “right” people in the business.

So far I’m very satisfied with my studio setup.
See video for more information.


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