Vintage Reel to Reel (Tape)…


I saw some posts about hybrid setups. So thought someone would be interested. I'm also a sucker for vintage gear! :)
I recently got a Tandberg Series 6X (641x). I'm going to use it as tape delay, and saturation/track warmer. The 6X was their last product in the all tube based reels, top of the line product.
The Tandberg 6X got four heads (Tandberg was the first company in the world to use the cross field Technic). The X stands for cross field Technic. That means it will play and record more smoothly with higher frequency response, even at lower speed. It got 3 different speeds. 
The other cool aspect with this unit is that is all tube based. Its loaded with 10 Telefunken tubes, 12AX7 and so on!!!  Vintage Telefunken tubes. It got tubes both on the inserts and outputs. The unit also got 2 microphone inputs. It even got tubes to show the db-levels (Glass eyes) :D
At the time of it's release in the 1960s, it was tested up against the studio tape machines. A lot of people, both studio engineers etc. was stunned of the performance of the Tandberg reel. Another cool thing, it's Norwegian made, as my console :D
I'm adding this to see if it fits my type of work as I'm moving more and more into the experimental music composing/making/producing.
And the other thing. It's a lot of more fun with physical objects than plugins.



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